Just One Section

Are you a slob LEARNING how to DESLOB your life?
Me too!
That’s why I call myself a Deslob Student.
But don’t look to me to tell you HOW to do it – but maybe we can help each other with our homework and maybe we’ll both get an A!

This is another, yes another, video of me tackling the dining room.
It’s my nemesis. Why? Because it’s the catch-all for all the family members in my house – if it doesn’t have a home, it goes in the dining room. Ugh. I’m so tired of it!

Do you have any suggestions or advice for someone like me?

but kindly please – we’re all friends here.
Thank you.



My Secret Carrot

This video has a VERY long introduction so rather than explain anything here – just watch the video. You may or may not relate.


The Nasty Pool

This is what happens to a pool over the course of a year… neglected, forgotten and disgusting! It’s a family event – we cleaned the pool out together and now we get to enjoy it together!

Yes, it was a swamp – too disgusting to tackle in just one day. This video was filmed over the course of a week. But it goes to show with determination and persistence, anything is possible.

Surprising floors

I surprised myself when I started cleaning the floors ~ I didn’t think I would do more than just sweep. But I also mopped! That’s impressive -, especially for THIS slob!


Dishes again and again

I don’t always do dishes – but when I do, I film myself doing them.

Why? Because I like to film myself doing chores and making things look better than they looked before. Call me a hyperspeed video nerd but that’s just who I am. Dishes SHOULD be routine for me at this point – but they’re not – so I’m gonna make it a big deal when I do them, ok? Ok!

(Usually, my son does the dishes – hey, it’s the chore HE CHOSE!)

Here is a video of me doing the dishes again & again and at last, my son finishing them up.

WAIT, WHAT? More Junk?!

We acquired more junk – what should we do with it? Let’s throw it in the empty dining room! Ya! šŸ˜¦ Grrrrr.

This video isn’t really a “start to finish” sort of video . . . it’s just a status video to show you where we were and where we are now.

Improvement? Not really.


Saving the bedroom

In this video, I did EXACTLY what I said I didn’t want to do.

Shove everything back into the dining room.

But when you have stuff you don’t want to go through it yet, and you don’t know what else to do with it, all you can do is just transfer back and forth.