Goodbye 2019 Tag

Hey Everyone! I am the Deslob Student because I am LEARNING how to be less of a SLOB.

Welcome to my channel! This is a “tag” video.

I was tagged by Angie at #LifeandMoreReloaded (You can find her video here: )

And Angie was tagged by Lily of the Valley ( ) and she is the one who created her #Goodbye2019 tag. Please check out their channels!

These are the questions Lily is asking us to answer for 2019 and what it held for us YouTubers that are Tagged.

1. What was your Happiest moment of 2019?

2. What was your Saddest moment of 2019?

3. What did you learn this year?

4. Did this year go by fast for you?

5. What foods will you cook/eat on New Year’s Eve?

6. Have you picked out your outfit for New Year’s Eve?

7. What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?

8. What was your proudest moment this year?

9. What will you do different in 2020?

10. What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2020?

I hope you’ll enjoy this tag video, this is my first participation in a tag and to be honest, I don’t really “know” too many YouTubers. So the people that I choose to tag are going to be like me… A vlogger of sorts with less than 1k subscribers. But I didn’t just choose any RANDOM youtubers with less than one thousand followers, I chose youtubers that I have either done a clean with me video or talked about depression… or both! But this tag is open to whoever wants to participate. If you do choose to participate, please use the ” #goodbye2019tag ” so that we can watch your video and add it to a playlist.

Here are the 7 channels that I’ve tagged, my favorite videos are also listed below:

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3. Us Normally @

4. Pip Waller – Being Human @

5. So Square Im Cubed @

6. This Mom’s Life @

7. Cajun Wife Life @

Thank you again so much for Tagging me Angie!


In my family, we practice the ~ Love Language of Service ~

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman?

It’s a great book series and we really identify with his writings.

Personally, my #1 love language is WORDS of AFFIRMATION but I notice that everyone, especially my kids, love it when they receive Acts of Service.

Today’s Acts of Service is folding my son’s laundry. 6 Loads to be precise.

He didn’t ask me to, I just knew he was dreading doing it himself, but it was his choice to wash 6 loads at once and even though he didn’t start folding his clothes right away, I was still so very proud of him. I wanted to help him out by folding all his laundry for him. Oh boy, was he surprised. I wish I would’ve got his reaction on camera!

I don’t believe in doing a kid’s chore for them ALL the time. It’s good that my kids learned how to do their own laundry at an early age – but as a mom, I love being able to help them out with their chores once in a while… like I said, it’s a Love Language thing and who doesn’t love help with chores sometimes?

Car Clean Up Confessions

If gaining a ton of weight this year didn’t teach me to stop eating out so much…

and if spending tons of money on fast food this year didn’t teach me to stop eating out so much…

perhaps cleaning out my car and realizing how much TRASH I am throwing away into the world will help me curve my fast food outings.

After watching #Broken on Netflix, I realized that even though I have been an avid recycler, many single-use plastics are not being recycled.

And that’s what a lot of my fast food items are… single-use items!

I’m going to clean out my car today, – and we will see if I do ANY BETTER the next time I need to clean out my car…

please hold me accountable! I don’t want to gain any more weight, I don’t want to spend any more cash on fast food but most of all…

I want to become greener and stop contributing to this world wide trash problem!


What do I clean? I’m Feeling Stuck!

What do you when you’re Feeling Stuck? ~

Here is what I do: 1. I will do NOTHING – literally, NOTHING. I won’t clean, I won’t push myself, I won’t set any goals, I will just ignore the mess and deal with it “later”


2. I will push myself to SOMETHING, reminding myself that SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. Sometimes, I make a bare minimum goal to do at least 5 minutes and not expect myself to do more than I can handle.

Other times, I have a significant goal in mind and push myself to accomplish that goal.

Watch this video to see what my mind is thinking while I’m feeling stuck and if you REALLY wanna have fun… count how many times I say the word “stuck” and make a comment with your guess below. I can make fun of myself sometimes… and I sure say the word “stuck” a heck of a lot of times! lol

Let me know how YOU DEAL with feeling stuck~

I’d love to know! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚




Dicey Dishes

What do you do when you run out of dish washer detergent?


Let the dishes pile up?

Yup, we did that.

Buy more dishwasher detergent… we were gonna do that but we hadn’t had the chance to go to the store yet.

Use a tiny bit of regular dish soap and hope the get cleaned properly?

Yup, we tried that too – it didn’t work too well.

So, we turned a sink full of dirty dishes into a learning opportunity. My kids never have to wash dishes by hand and for this, I realized I am doing them a disservice. One day, they will be on their own and they will need to know how to scrub something by hand.

Tonight is the night to teach them!

Further more, we made it fun and turned this “chore” into a game! Using DICE, we assigned each type of dish to a number and this made it easier (& more fun) to pick up a dish and wash it. We each took a turn and so we each got to take a break when we were not at the sink.

Even though it took us waaaaaay too long, we had a lot of fun doing the dishes together. We are all happy that none of us was stuck with doing dishes alone. I think we were doing dishes for an hour and a half – but we’ve sped up our dicey dishes video so it’s only about 14 minutes long.

Cleaning Up As a Family

Well, it’s been a week since I last posted… We got some bad news in our family the other day and so this video is dedicated to that family member.

I am grateful that we can all work together and get stuff done and we don’t have too bad of attitudes and we just make the best of it, especially the kids – I am so very grateful for that.


Cluttered Dusty Book Shelf

As you can tell, I’m having waaaay too much fun with these clean-to-the-beat songs. Had I not had this song in mind to clean SOMETHING, I wouldn’t have cleaned ANYTHING this past weekend. LOL

And now my bookshelf looks soooo much better and it’s not cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary stuff.

(Oh and my son had to make it fun by adding a stuffed animal towards the end… I admit, it **does** bring a smile to my face. ๐Ÿ™‚

Backwards Bedroom

Here’s another upbeat, music only video where I play with beat of the song while I clean – TRUST ME, I cleaned A LOT more than I would’ve had I not cleaned to the beat. lol

It’s not perfect, and it’s not meant to be – it’s just meant to provide me a fun and creative outlet for my boring cleaning chores. lol



I’m on a music-only kick lately (if you haven’t been able to tell)

Instead of doing intros or voice-overs I just plan out what song I’m going to clean to and film to match the song.

It’s a different approach than I have done in the past and THAT is what motivates me to do it – I get bored easily and need constant stimulation to keep me engaged.

Making videos of my boring cleaning jobs helps me get the cleaning started – it helps me complete more than I would’ve done in the 1st place and it provides me a creative outlet that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.